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Glenn Beck: Breitbart “News” Is the “Goebbels” to Donald Trump’s “Brownshirts”

Hot wingnut on wingnut action
374Feline Fearless Leader
2/24/16 6:47:14 pm
re: #369 Swift2991 What dies in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

How awesome is it that crackpot shouter Glenn Beck is now fighting a tooth-and-nail battle against the far right movement he helped create? It’s almost enough to make an atheist believe in karma. Following up on our earlier article about Donald Trump crashing Beck’s Nevada speech promoting Ted Cruz, …

CNBC Climate “Expert” Compares “Demonization of Carbon Dioxide” to the Holocaust

The right wing war on climate science
7/15/14 7:01:30 pm
Kudzu, 'the vine that ate the South' found to be increasing CO2 - #climatechange #carbon — Scott Sutherland (@ScottWx_TWN) July 15, 2014 "...While these growths have taken on epic proportions, that's not the only problem from kudzu. ...

GOHMERT! Gay Rights Supporters Are Just Like Nazis

Is Gohmert the dumbest man in Congress, or just the most bigoted?
5/09/14 7:02:20 pm
You know, or should know, you're in big trouble when the things you claim Hitler did bear no resemblance to what Hitler actually did. Let's see, first thing is, he rounded up homosexuals and sent them to jail. HE was ...

Video: Jon Stewart Refreshes Megyn Kelly’s Faulty Memory

All Hitler, all the time
1/25/11 4:07:12 pm
re: #53 WindUpBird Sure, but I was making a general comparison. In both cases, the guests and callers are heavily "produced" so that only the correct messages, even those purportedly in opposition, get to air. If you showed up with ...