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House Passes Budget Deal Despite Kamikaze Caucus Opposition

All 167 “no” votes were from crazed Republican teabaggers
10/29/15 1:02:07 am
My congresscritter is among the Kamikaze Caucus.

I’m so old I remember when it was not even news that the House of Representatives passed a budget bill to keep the federal government funded. It was just what they were supposed to do. No big deal. But nowadays, when the Republican Party has gone full tilt batshit …

Andrew McCarthy: It Is Impossible for Republicans to Win National Elections

The Art of the Impossible…Indeed
136Jay C
10/23/13 8:33:24 pm
re: #8 EPR-radar Another nugget of comedy gold: Knowing the press is the wind at their backs, they are disposed to use every parliamentary privilege available to a minority to obstruct a repeal of Obamacare. He's talking about the Senate, ...

Heritage Foundation’s Jim DeMint Promises More Obamacare Insanity

They won’t stop
10/19/13 10:43:48 am
Jimmy "Ahab" DeMint and his Pequod minions continue their obsessive quest for the great whale ... which will eventually result in their own political demise. I would not be surprised to learn that the medical community has defined the denial ...

Will House Republicans Continue Using the Debt Ceiling as an Extortion Tool?

I’m thinking probably, yes
10/17/13 9:01:00 pm
re: #260 Dark_Falcon No long range delivery system. What are the gonna do? Blow themselves up? The ISI has been backing the Taliban since the Russian invasion. Nasty choices all around.

Stephen Colbert and the Singular Stupidity of Rep. Ted Yoho

“Economic Armageddon,” say the Timmy Titanics
10/11/13 12:28:40 am
re: #640 Eclectic Cyborg Pretty much what Vicious Babushka said earlier about regular meetings and telling everyone what you need. Development cycles are way shorter - 2 to 4 weeks - than a more "traditional" project timeline (at least what ...

Stephen Colbert Celebrates the Shutdown’s One-Week Anniversary

This isn’t some damn game
10/08/13 6:40:49 pm
re: #356 ProTARDISLiberal London has various Muslim communities among all the variety there (and Muslims who don't think of themselves as part of a particular community) - there are a few nutters of course but nothing like the problems and ...