Right Wing Crackpot Chuck C. Johnson Wants You to Pay Him to Send Him a Story Tip

Right wing journalism at its griftiest
2/16/15 5:18:47 pm
re: #206 TedStriker We always do! Love the stuff.
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Our hilarious Chuck C. Johnson story of the day: the guy who outs Ebola and rape victims and thinks President Obama is secretly gay has now launched something he calls a “tip engine:” Submit a Tip to GotNews - GotNews. Lots of sites have a way for readers to send …

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s Appearance at a Birther Event With Orly Taitz

Pandering to the lowest common denominator of the right
274Jay in Oregon
10/13/14 9:13:24 am
If CCJ thinks that the names and addresses of people with Ebola should be published in the interest of public safety, does that mean he would support a public registry of gun owners? If not, why not?
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Wingnut Dolt Chuck C. Johnson Says Ferguson Protesters Sang “Communist Song” in the “Opera”

Wrong on so many levels
10/07/14 3:32:27 pm
re: #214 blueraven Likud's view on the social issues is thus: Abortion on demand, at taxpayer expense, for any reason whatsoever. Gay people should be just as drafted as straight people. Marriage is either religious, or fly to Cypress for ...

Amazing America With Sarah Palin, Presented Sans Comment

Because sometimes they satirize themselves
2/22/14 6:36:37 am
re: #72 Amory Blaine the best thing I've ever done with my laptop was installing something free called slimdrivers. According to Windows, all my drivers were up to date. According to slim drivers, my constantly crashing experience with Youtube was ...
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