REMINDER: GOP Is Threatening Economic Disaster For Only One Reason

They will never ever, ever, ever raise taxes on the rich.
9/02/13 12:09:52 pm
re: #202 PhillyPretzel I think it's "Planet Hatetheblackguy".

The roadshow being put on by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the Heritage Foundation pushing for the defunding of Obamacare is doing a good job of pitting Republican against Republican. But it’s helped distract from the one core value of the Republican Party: Never ever ever ever ever ever …

Norquist Predicts a ‘Tea Party Second Wave,’ #Breitbart Commenters Want ‘Armed Insurrection’

As the angry wingnuts rage
12/02/12 3:34:39 pm
These are angry people, but they have as much to lose as anyone. The myth of "revolution" is just that- a total myth. You still cherish the Suburban, you still love the house and the gun collection, the swimming pool. ...

Stephen Colbert on the Dreaded Fiscal Cliff

The two most terrifying words a Republican can hear, other than “Buenos dias”
66Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/28/12 2:55:50 pm
re: #28 Killgore Trout Heh. If that's his defense, he's fucking screwed. Firing shots at them as they drive away? Not to mention the presence of a weapon isn't obviously excuse to open fire, or every guy carrying a weapon ...

Thune: “No Tax Increase” Pledges Are Meaningless

Bread and circuses, sans bread
10/07/11 4:16:25 pm
If you wanted a useful pledge on taxes, then it would be "I pledge only to vote for a budget if it increases the personal exemption to federal income tax by at least the rate of inflation". No more stealth ...