Trump’s Latest Horrible Statement: Try US Citizens in Gitmo Military Tribunals

Yet another reckless position
8/12/16 2:58:38 pm
re: #511 darthstar If it's Chinese made, those instrux are the result of computer translation.

In the never-ending barrage of bad craziness pouring out of Donald Trump’s twisted mind, his latest awful idea is to try US citizens accused of terrorism in military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay. Which would be completely illegal, of course. But Trump seems to believe he’ll be able to do …

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Torture: Not Only Was It Evil and Immoral, It Didn’t Work

Senate’s torture report concludes these debased practices achieved nothing
12/10/14 6:24:47 pm
Joan of Arc explained it long ago. To the English inquisitors. She is weak. She will confess anything they like. True or not. But it will be her pain speaking, not she herself.

No, the NDAA Does Not Authorize Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

The left has fake outrages too
12/18/11 1:20:57 am
Good job by MJ. Nice to see what many would call an extreme Leftist site publish a well researched article which promotes a position that disputes what many others have opined. I did think the NDAA allowed indefinite detention of ...