RIP, Alvin Lee

He’s goin’ home
344Feline Fearless Leader
3/07/13 12:19:10 pm
re: #303 Lidane Yes. But you have to realize that to a bunch of people out there "ballistic" means something like this: Image: ball-n-stick.jpg /

We’re sorry to report that Alvin Lee, one of the first rock guitarists with a reputation for being really really fast, dude, has passed away from complications following surgery. Alvin Lee used to practice on a bare guitar neck with no strings, learning the patterns and riffs that came to …

Tuesday Afternoon Music: Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau, ‘All The Things You Are’

9/08/09 6:43:42 pm
re: #129 Dark_Falcon I'm sorry you got hammered for that. Perhaps you can forward this message for me- austin_blue will only unlimber his rilfle to defend his neighborhood against enemies foreign and domestic. He does not rent out his services. ...