Third Ricin Letter Sent to President Obama, With Gun-Crazy Message

We seem to have a right wing crazy here
5/30/13 6:49:08 pm
re: #302 Bubblehead II Why would I do that? The story changes as more info comes in. :-)
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Following up on our story from last night about the ricin-laced letters sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a similar threatening letter has been intercepted on its way to President Obama: Third Letter Sent to President Obama, Similar to NY Mayor Ricin Letters: Officials.

Jon Stewart: Grand Theft Semi-Auto

President Obama rips Constitution to shreds with reasonable suggestions
1/19/13 1:13:00 pm
re: #260 Obdicut I'm reluctantly coming to the same conclusion. I suspect that part of the reason is that passing any kind of useful gun control has been unimaginable for so long that sensible model laws etc. simply don't exist. ...
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Marco Rubio on Fox: Obama Not ‘Truly Committed’ to the 2nd Amendment

Pumping out bigoted insinuations to the Fox News mob
1/17/13 7:38:48 pm
re: #8 kirkspencer Simple. An assault rifle is a Mac Bolan rifle. Imagine you're Mac Bolan and you're going to kill every mafia boss, capo, and consigliere in a hotel. What do you come armed with? An AR-15 definitely comes ...
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The NRA Gets Even Worse: New Ad Continues Attacking Obama’s Daughters, Lashes Out at Media

Gun nuts thrash in fury
1/16/13 5:06:43 pm
re: #146 Mich-again Works for me. Questionnaire for gun ownership: 1) Are you a gun nut? 2) Are you an NRA member? A "yes" on either of these two questions would seem to be sufficient reason to at least investigate ...
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Gun Nut Statement of the Day: If Slaves Had Guns They Wouldn’t Have Been Slaves

These people are not right in the head
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1/12/13 6:49:48 pm
re: #14 Stanghazi Talk about gun lunatics. Shot by her husband, who then shot himself. So who does the family want donations to go to? The family requests donations be sent in Hain’s memory to the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association. ...
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