New Study Shows Widespread Scientific Consensus on Guns - and the NRA Won’t Like It

The impact of firearms on US society is overwhelmingly negative
4/24/15 12:54:57 pm
Charles Johnson, You're right, the NRA won't like this one bit. They can't stand anyone not liking guns. In fact I'm beginning to think they may like guns more than people.

Professor David Hemenway of the Harvard School of Public Health recently took a series of surveys of scientists in the fields of criminology, economics, public policy, political science and public health on the effects of firearms on society, and made some very interesting discoveries: There’s Scientific Consensus on Guns — …

New Study: Nearly 9% of Americans Are Angry and Impulsive, and They Own Lots of Guns

267Scottish Dragon
4/14/15 7:13:37 am
re: #249 CuriousLurker Celtic Briton women had far more rights (actual pretty mich equal with men) and the Romans could not understand or countenance that. The Roman distaste for female equality is what led to the Iceni revolt led by ...

NRA Planning ‘The Fight of the Century’ Against Obama

Gun crazed wingnuts going ballistic
1/17/13 6:44:11 pm
re: #124 EPR-radar It's Dark's version of stomping his wittle feets at Daddy Charles for telling him stuff he doesn't want to hear. /what was that you were saying about people who post at the end of a dead(ish) thread, ...

“Scapegoat Hunter” - Jon Stewart’s Brilliant Piece on the Cult of the Gun

Paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents America from addressing its actual dystopic present
102W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
1/10/13 9:19:46 am
I hope Piers Morgan will invite Alex Jones on again and make him wear this accessory.

Gabrielle Giffords Launches Effort to Fight Gun Violence and the Pro-Gun Lobby

Confronting the powerful gun lobby
1/08/13 5:50:22 pm
re: #247 wrenchwench As for getting my own LGF page, I'm a fan of this site, a near-daily reader, all that. Thanks for the props, but I think I'm going to stay a Twitter guy for a good while, given ...

Finally, the Right Wing Wants to Prosecute Someone for Violating Gun Laws

Idiocy of the day
12/26/12 10:20:53 pm
re: #263 Shiplord Kirel It used to feel like this country naturally gravitated toward the center and away from extremism. Yes, we've had periods of extremism...the Civil War, the widespread popularity of the Klan in the 20's, the Red Scare, ...

NRA Head LaPierre on Meet the Press: “Call Me Crazy”

12/23/12 4:58:11 pm
And how does he suggest paying for armed guards in the schools? A government appropriation! I bet he normally would complain about another government appropriation! OK be conservative and let the NRA pay for the salary of the guards and ...