Stephen Colbert: If Politicians Won’t Take Action, These High Schoolers Will

2/21/18 11:19:31 am
re: #430 makeitstop Another point in favor of having this 'debate' is that the kids will be face to face with cold-blooded absolute evil in the form of Ms. Dana. That will be a valuable experience.

Video: Samantha Bee Searches in Vain for an NRA Eddie Eagle Costume

The NRA stands up for strict regulation… of its mascot costume!
353Unshaken Defiance
4/17/16 3:48:35 pm
re: #262 MsJ I was out, was just gonna leave this now dead thread behind but I hate to ignore your comment %2B1 'cause I agree with most of that. I have no more patience for the NRAs' politics than ...

On Facebook, Chuck C. Johnson Poses With Guns, Threatens to Shoot Trump Protesters

An open threat to murder people who protest against Donald Trump
273Blind Frog Belly White
3/13/16 7:18:02 pm
re: #240 klys (maker of Silmarils) What would happen would be that for folks like me who have specialized expertise that companies need and would find hard to replace, compensation would rise. For folks with less leverage, it would probably ...

New Study Shows Widespread Scientific Consensus on Guns - and the NRA Won’t Like It

The impact of firearms on US society is overwhelmingly negative
4/24/15 12:54:57 pm
Charles Johnson, You're right, the NRA won't like this one bit. They can't stand anyone not liking guns. In fact I'm beginning to think they may like guns more than people.

New Study: Nearly 9% of Americans Are Angry and Impulsive, and They Own Lots of Guns

267Scottish Dragon
4/14/15 7:13:37 am
re: #249 CuriousLurker Celtic Briton women had far more rights (actual pretty mich equal with men) and the Romans could not understand or countenance that. The Roman distaste for female equality is what led to the Iceni revolt led by ...

Bobby Jindal’s First Post to Instagram: His Wife Shooting a Gun

Smell the pander
7/26/13 6:00:54 pm
re: #204 CuriousLurker Seriously. Just finished watching Season 2 and waiting for Season 3 to hit Netflix later in August. Really good show. Kind of interesting to see relatively accurate references to South Jersey and Philly sprinkled about. What's weird ...