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Rick Perry Thinks “It Makes a Lot of Sense” for Theater-Goers to Be Armed

Moar gunz everywhere
7/27/15 8:26:48 pm
re: #194 De Kolta Chair Sorry, didn't realize the term essentially meant borderline trolling. I'll go watch the Al Pacino flick now...damn, it does kinda suck.
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What a great idea former Gov. Rick Perry has! He points out that if everyone in a movie theater were armed to the teeth and ready to blaze away in the dark as soon as a “mentally impacted” person starts shooting, everyone would be so much safer! Just imagine …

Yes, the Father of a Murdered Newtown Child Was Heckled by Gun Nuts

Right wingers jump to defend loathsome behavior
1/30/13 7:26:54 pm
Back to the posted topic. A website that I peruse and post on (occasionally) is discussing this topic. One poster, a right-winger who just appeared after guns started being discussed, said that the father of one of the victims was ...
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