Sarah Palin Freaks Out Over Hillary Non-Indictment, Advocates Overthrowing the Government

Half-governor loses it
7/05/16 11:25:06 pm
She quit on Alaska to do better things. That was 7 years ago. Still waiting to find out what she plans to do to help people more than what she could have done as governor.

All over the right wing universe — and in some parts of the far left Bernie Sanders universe — the freaking out over the FBI’s recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton is a glorious thing to behold. Sarah Palin’s take is a true classic in the Palin genre, as …

Andrew F. Kazmierski /

Sarah Palin Applauds Brexit Vote: “The EU Is a One World Government Mini-Me!”

Yearning for the chopping block
793Feline Fearless Leader
6/25/16 2:28:21 pm
re: #771 Dr Lizardo I usually watch that movie (Day of the Jackel) whenever it is on since one day I expect him to get it right.

Sarah Palin Goes All in on the GOP Castration Meme

Word salad of the day, with mountain oysters
152D Koch
3/26/14 4:17:55 pm
re: #138 Killgore Trout dude, seriously, DKos "community" can be statistically proven to be a joke that is completely disconnected from actual progressives who show up and cast votes.

Amazing America With Sarah Palin, Presented Sans Comment

Because sometimes they satirize themselves
2/22/14 6:36:37 am
re: #72 Amory Blaine the best thing I've ever done with my laptop was installing something free called slimdrivers. According to Windows, all my drivers were up to date. According to slim drivers, my constantly crashing experience with Youtube was ...

It’s Palin Email Dump Day

‘Sarah Palin didn’t abide by transparency best-practices’
6/11/11 5:19:03 pm
re: #77 Buck I hadn't seen that particular poster before Buck so thank you for informing me. Yes clearly this is in bad taste like if we were to photoshop an image of Eric Cantor onto something like this ...

Margaret Thatcher Won’t Be Meeting Sarah Palin

Thatcher ally: ‘Sarah Palin is nuts’
6/07/11 1:12:03 pm
Poor Sarah. Thwarted at her attempt to rub elbows with a friend of Ronald Reagan. Thatcher may be old and sick, but you can bet she and her handlers know better than bestow any possible air of legitimacy on that ...