Ben Carson Thinks Hamas Is a Delicious Spread Made From Mashed Chickpeas

Or is it the other way around?
12/03/15 5:40:29 pm
re: #281 Feline Fearless Leader I fear my own cat (Felix Strangelet Randomkitty), who is one-fifth of my weight.
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Ben Carson accuses President Obama of not understanding the Middle East, then goes in front of the Republican Jewish Coalition and pronounces “Hamas” as “hummus” — over and over. You can’t write comedy like this. Even Ari Flesicher had to wince at this one.

The Terms of Kerry’s Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Proposal - Update: Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal

Attempting diplomacy to stop the killing
7/26/14 7:10:44 am
Israeli governments change and there have been more "dovish" Israeli leaders than Bibi. In the future there will probably be more. But if the doves had their offers rebuffed with no realistic concessions by the ONES WHO ARE ASKING FOR ...

About That So-Called ‘Pallywood’ Video…

11/18/12 3:30:52 pm
re: #356 Kronocide Every overstatement will be leapt upon. The fable of the boy who cried wolf is apt. Scientists need to continue saying exactly what they know about the trend and about the dangers. No more, as well as ...
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