Harvard School of Public Health: More Guns = More Homicide

An unsurprising correlation
12/16/12 9:23:27 am
re: #46 Targetpractice There is one way to deal with the argument that gun ownership is an inalienable right...amend the constitution. Gun ownership can be regulated. People who have demonstrated by their conduct that they are not fit to own ...

Some facts from the Harvard School of Public Health about the correlation between gun availability and homicides: Homicide - Firearms Research - Harvard Injury Control Research Center - Harvard School of Public Health. More: Twelve Facts About Guns and Mass Shootings in the United States The Geography of U.S. Gun …

Breitbart.com Tries to Tie Prof. Derrick Bell to Farrakhan

Still more blatant dishonesty from the Breitbart goons
3/11/12 5:31:50 pm
When I think of the late Prof. Bell, I feel only sadness because I imagine a man whose soul was broken, in many places, by forces no human being should have to face alone. In her defense of him, Sally ...

No, Prof. Derrick Bell Did Not Visit the White House in 2010

3/09/12 3:24:35 pm
re: #104 lawhawk LEDs don't produce the "desired" 3200K color temperature very well, thus not all the reluctance to using LEDs is due to politics. Dimmers for LED exist, but I suspect the method used for dimming may shorten life ...

PBS Posts Full Archived 1991 Obama Harvard Video

Breitbart bombshell turns into Big Dud
375Eventual Carrion
3/08/12 10:14:24 am
re: #164 Lidane I liked the video of GWB kissing the Saudi prince full on the mouth and walking, lovingly hand in hand through the White House Rose garden better. Had more of a loving feel to it.

Gingrich: Obama Should Withdraw Kagan’s Nomination Because Harvard Takes Saudi Money

5/17/10 10:34:14 am
#0 Charles Yes, that is what they say. What they certainly said about the election of GWB. I say that during the 8 years of Republican administration ACCESS to Abortions went up (as measured by the increased number of yellow ...