Breaking: Suspect Arrested in Houston Islamic Center Arson

Darryl Ferguson named as suspect
2/16/15 9:59:04 pm
re: #258 #FergusonFireside 80s would be Iron Maiden 90s would be Soundgarden
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Just coming across the news sites now — a suspect has been arrested in Houston in connection with the arson attack against an Islamic center. UPDATE at 2/16/15 4:53:07 pm by Charles Johnson UPDATE at 2/16/15 5:01:28 pm by Charles Johnson More details at ABC13: HFD: Arrest Made in Islamic …

Alabama Beating Not a Hate Crime, Had Nothing to Do With Trayvon Martin

More egg on right wing faces
5/04/12 10:10:12 pm
re: #18 Charles Johnson Maybe Kingpest thinks they "downplayed" it because they quoted the police saying that Owens wasn't beaten up by 20 people. Judging by some of the comments on the Huffingtonpost article, the anti-black right is reluctant to ...
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Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Suspect Arrested in Oregon: ‘Christians Can Jihad Too’

‘You look like Obama, you’re a Muslim like him’
8/26/11 8:34:25 pm
re: #11 laZardo Thanks for again proving that a) No one should read Torah in English b) No one should read Torah without Talmud c) No one should pretend they know anything about Judaism based solely on cursory Torah readings. ...
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