Breitbart Commenters Cheer Probable Christmas Day Arson Attack on Houston Mosque

“The best Christmas present of all”
12/26/15 11:13:29 pm
re: #96 Bill and Opus for 2016! Ill pray for y'all.

On Christmas Day, a fire broke out at a mosque in southwest Houston, and the ATF has now confirmed it’s a probable case of arson. This is apparently the latest in a string of anti-Muslim hate crimes since the San Bernardino attack. At the far right website Andrew built, …

Alabama Beating Not a Hate Crime, Had Nothing to Do With Trayvon Martin

More egg on right wing faces
5/04/12 10:10:12 pm
re: #18 Charles Johnson Maybe Kingpest thinks they "downplayed" it because they quoted the police saying that Owens wasn't beaten up by 20 people. Judging by some of the comments on the Huffingtonpost article, the anti-black right is reluctant to ...
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Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Suspect Arrested in Oregon: ‘Christians Can Jihad Too’

‘You look like Obama, you’re a Muslim like him’
8/26/11 8:34:25 pm
re: #11 laZardo Thanks for again proving that a) No one should read Torah in English b) No one should read Torah without Talmud c) No one should pretend they know anything about Judaism based solely on cursory Torah readings. ...
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