Pamela Geller Connects the NSA-Sekrit Muslim Dots: “Do They Attend the 911 Mosque?”

So insanely paranoid you might think it’s a parody
6/16/13 4:00:36 pm
Seriously...I've seen more coherent, less florid agitprop from dedicated Soviet publications from the height of the Cold War. Geller needs a Xanax or four, stat.

And now we have the definitive jump-the-shark moment for CNET’s absurdly misleading NSA story, as raving demagogue Pamela Geller puts on her hate goggles and makes the connections between NSA spying and the SEKRIT MOSLEM CONSPIRACY: OBAMA ADMIN IS LISTENING IN ON YOUR PHONECALLS “SIMPLY BASED ON AN ANALYST DECIDING …

Jim Hoft Exposes Our Angry, Raging Black President and the Lapdog Media Who Love Him

Amazingly dense and hateful
2/07/13 8:37:56 am
I guess I'm the only Lizard either old enough, or girly enough, to remember the early media frenzy around the late Diana, Princess of Wales. In the beginning of her marriage, her husband was giving a speech. She was sitting ...