Another Loss for Trump: Hawaii Judge Denies Request to Limit Muslim Ban Injunction

Trump loses the first fight over his second attempt at an unconstitutional order
6 days ago
re: #2 stpaulbear Never. Never. In face I'm enjoying every loss more than the previous one.

The Trump Justice Department filed a motion asking federal Judge Derrick Watson to limit his injunction against Trump’s second attempt at banning Muslims and refugees from entering the US, but today in Hawaii Judge Watson denied this request. He’s losing every legal fight so far over his unconstitutional bigoted …

New Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz: Climate Change Is the “Most Urgent Challenge of Our Generation”

From a state that will feel the effects first
12/28/12 7:18:31 pm
re: #135 Mich-again Won't work. Louisiana is very flat there at the bottom. You'd need a levee all the way around the perimeter. There's no chokepoint. And if you want some depth to your lake, the levee would have to ...