Quote of the Day: Trump’s Wacky Doc Doesn’t Really Care if He Dies

“If something happens to him, then it happens to him”
12/21/16 8:23:06 pm
re: #220 The Vicious Babushka She's Tatar, is that still a trifecta?

Donald Trump and his supporters (with help from the media) turned Hillary Clinton’s health into a huge campaign talking point, even though she had fully disclosed all her health issues with a complete doctor’s evaluation — unlike Donald Trump. Now here’s Trump’s crackpot doctor Harold Bornstein popping up again …

Amazon Deal of the Day: Bargains to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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78Achilles Tang
1/15/13 6:33:35 pm
re: #77 Interesting Times I know that, and Charles makes such posts from time to time. I understand that, but who is this proxy Michaelj, and why?

Pundits Who Were Wrong, Starring Fred Barnes

3/26/10 7:58:35 pm
One of the ways to cut down on health care costs is to use nurse practitioners (NPs). These are masters, and now doctorate, prepared nurses with bachelor's degrees with several years experience before being admitted into a nurse practitioner program. ...

Malkin’s Wingnuts Seriously Cheesed Off

1,056Charles Johnson
3/24/10 11:01:11 am
Right. Let's just forget the context -- that it was posted in a thread with dozens of other comments calling for civil war, joining militias, buying guns and ammo, etc. It's much easier to dismiss if you pretend the comment ...