Breaking: Trumpcare Fails Bigly - GOP Withdraws Bill

Stick a fork in it
2 days, 22 hours ago
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And there we have it, folks. Several sources are now reporting that the Trumpcare bill is dead in the water. So Donald Trump’s first really consequential piece of legislation has failed utterly to gain the support of his own party, not to mention the vehement opposition from most of the …

WATCH LIVE: Baghdad Sean Spicer Desperately Tries to Spin the Failing Trumpcare Vote

3 days, 17 hours ago
Anyone know whats up with this Montgomery memo? I mean, Larry Klayman and NewsMax, so the default assumption is it's total bullshit. Also, supposedly he goes to Chuck Grassley (the, you know, Republican head of the Senate Intel Committee) with ...

Video: President Obama’s Statement on the Affordable Care Act

And now, the envelope, please…
417Decatur Deb
4/02/14 3:14:10 am
re: #412 palomino There is a bit of scholarship that examines the role of superstition in maintaining healthy real-life decisionmaking. Basically it adds a bit of needed randomization to systems that would otherwise be dangerously exploitive. If you look at ...

Rep. Gohmert Drops Health Coverage, Blames Obamacare

Louis ain’t paying no $600 per month for health care. He can’t afford it, I guess.
309dr. luba
1/22/14 3:41:25 pm
re: #292 Killgore Trout Why do you assume? These are not a volunteer force being sent abroad; these are young conscripts in their own country. Yanukovych fired the head of the military within the last week, probably for not wanting ...

Jon Stewart on Fox News’ A-Team of Medical Experts

“This is socialism.” — Dr. Manny Alvarez
303Blind Frog Belly White
11/14/13 11:23:59 am
re: #302 A Mom Anon There are so many 'experts', but none of them actually live in your kid's head. They peer in from the outside, and make judgments based on that limited view, but as you know, ASD is ...

The Insanity of the Republican Party: Another Bill to Destroy Health Care

Truly twisted
9/22/13 10:40:20 am
Here's the thing (and this is what differentiates these loons from the Newt-era loons)...These tea-partiers really DO want to shut-down the government. Hell, they'll be giddy as little girls if they manage, through their own stupidity, to bring the government ...

What Obamacare Supporters Can Learn From The Gay Rights Movement

As Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell sit in the audience, Kentucky’s governor speaks for the uninsured who suffer in silence.
8/26/13 2:01:17 pm
re: #56 EdDantes re: #58 NJDhockeyfan The story, as it has long been handed down from generation to generation (or about 40 or so years ago) was that Blue Oyster Cult was supposed to play in Lewiston, Maine waaaay back ...

The New Spokesman For Obamacare — Rand Paul

The eye doctor proves he doesn’t understand health care or Obamacare on The Daily Show
70Skip Intro
8/16/13 5:19:41 pm
re: #51 Lidane Did you know Ricky's dad didn't become a US citizen until Ricky was three years old? I'm sure the berfers will be all over that. And how the hell do I make this damned video stop playing ...

Lindsey Graham: To Avoid 7.5% Cut in Military Budget, Let’s Kill Obamacare

Heartless bastards do it again
2/17/13 2:56:02 pm
Here's an idea: if Republicans simply allow the sequester to occur, the president has enormous discretion in where the cuts come from. And if I were he, closing Fort Jackson would be top of the list. It's time, with no ...

Gun Control: Don’t Fall for the ‘Mental Health’ Diversion

Mental illness is not a significant factor in gun crime
203Golden Age John
12/17/12 7:21:17 pm
Mentally ill people may commit a small proportion of gun crimes, per se, but they probably are responsible for the preponderance of mass killing gun crimes against innocents...children and adults.

Mitt Romney’s Instantaneous Flip-Flop on Health Care

Etch-A-Sketching the Etch-A-Sketch
88Patricia Kayden
9/10/12 5:18:05 pm
"Well, within hours his campaign 'clarified' Romney’s shocking statements" Why does Romney have such a problem explaining his own policies/positions? I guess the problem with having so many different positions on every single issue is that you get confused about ...