Trump Does It Again - Torches GOP Plan to Hold Children’s Health Insurance Program for Ransom and Blame Democrats

236Single-handed sailor
1/18/18 6:16:50 pm
re: #233 Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines Why does God need a Starship?

Another classic Trump moment today, as he destroys the GOP’s plan to accuse Democrats who vote no on the spending bill of not caring about children, because the bill includes a short term extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The declaration upends 11th-hour negotiations on Capitol Hill that were …

Video: President Obama’s Statement on the Affordable Care Act

And now, the envelope, please…
417Decatur Deb
4/02/14 3:14:10 am
re: #412 palomino There is a bit of scholarship that examines the role of superstition in maintaining healthy real-life decisionmaking. Basically it adds a bit of needed randomization to systems that would otherwise be dangerously exploitive. If you look at ...

Romney/Ryan: Campaign of the Big Lie

The hoodwink strategy
8/18/12 6:53:19 pm
This particular GOP lie is one they have been pushing long before anyone was paying attention to Paul Ryan, in fact since the Affordable Care Act was being debated in the House and Senate. Then it was the claim that ...

GOP Rep. Dreier: Massive Brain Tumor? Tough Luck for You

67Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
7/11/12 6:03:01 pm
I'm just going to say this on the whole matter. I can run a Half Marathon, do a sprint Triathlon, Bike 100 miles, but I was just form rejected.. literally got an email less than a second after applying for ...

Video: Sandra Fluke’s Testimony That Drove the Right Wing Crazy

Let’s face it - they don’t even know what she said
178Jimmi the Grey
3/03/12 3:40:25 pm
re: #177 The Ineffable Name Yeah, i know, just making clear the implications of what is being asserted by denying that he isn't der(p) leader.

Sharron Angle: Autism is a ‘Politically Correct Special Interest’

9/28/10 9:10:55 am
Having everyone just drop the coverages they don't expect to use won't work because it won't reduce the cost of medical care, but would at best only redistributes who pays what part of the cost, in a way contrary to ...

Pundits Who Were Wrong, Starring Fred Barnes

3/26/10 7:58:35 pm
One of the ways to cut down on health care costs is to use nurse practitioners (NPs). These are masters, and now doctorate, prepared nurses with bachelor's degrees with several years experience before being admitted into a nurse practitioner program. ...

Malkin’s Wingnuts Seriously Cheesed Off

1,056Charles Johnson
3/24/10 11:01:11 am
Right. Let's just forget the context -- that it was posted in a thread with dozens of other comments calling for civil war, joining militias, buying guns and ammo, etc. It's much easier to dismiss if you pretend the comment ...