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How to Survive in an Age of Ebola and Right Wing Panic

A little more information, a whole lot less hype
10/10/14 12:35:19 pm
re: #223 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance Never in your whole life? Even when you were young enough to be a virgin yourself?

Every time you think the right wing screamers have reached a fever pitch, they find a new way to become more shrill and less connected to the facts and reality. The ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the possibility that someone might be able to bring the disease …

End the Magical Balance Fairy Shutdown Myth

Both sides are not equally to blame. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) admits that GOP created shutdown over Obamacare
10/09/13 11:38:44 am
re: #70 klys I happen to think females with brains are sexy. One of the things that always made me cringe was when I heard guys panting over Sarah Palin after she was dumped on America saying she was so ...

To Avoid Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Colorado Catholic Hospital Argues a Fetus Isn’t a Person

Malpractice suit being appealed to Colorado Supreme Court
1/24/13 4:41:12 pm
re: #75 Kragar CTE is going to be a even bigger problem among returning Iraq & Afghan vets who survived IEDs: Carl Prines description of personally surviving 4 IED explosions: Carl Prine: _Line Of Departure_ One Shot One Kill: May ...