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This Is Bad: Heartbleed Attack Targets VPN Service

Bad craziness
486Feline Fearless Leader
4/19/14 2:01:59 pm
re: #328 wheat-doggha -- oo bird outside my window Not to be confused with the Angry WASP Collector - better known as the Tea Party Caucus. ///

Most of the coverage of the Heartbleed bug has focused on the security problems for websites, but there’s another avenue of attack now being exploited by hackers: the Virtual Private Network (VPN) systems used by many large and small businesses. This disastrous security hole in OpenSSL may have more …

Google Knew About Heartbleed and Didn’t Tell the US Government

Google withheld information about the largest Internet security failure in history
359Jay in Oregon
4/16/14 1:01:01 pm
re: #208 Lidane The fact that these people aren't breaking rocks in some federal prison somewhere puts the lie to every evangelical who claims that the U.S. is persecuting Christians or people who speak out about homosexuality.