Kneel Before the “Climate Moron of the Day,” Earth Beings

Clown show
3/25/15 11:10:58 am
re: #389 CuriousLurker Thanks for posting that (or re-posting, in this case). It's a song that's near and dear to my heart, and that music makes me dance even if I'm sitting. There are multiple versions of it in Spanish, ...

Yes, dear readers, I have arrived at long last. Climate change denying right wing performing clown “Steve Goddard” (real name: Tony Heller) has named me his “Climate Moron of the Day,” after a rather hilarious Twitter fight.

Obama’s Picks for EPA and DOE Drive the Right Into a Frenzy

Like everything else Obama does
312Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/06/13 9:46:28 am
re: #311 Destro So why are you quoting as an authority a guy who thought Ronald Reagan was a liberator of nations? Does that sound like a credible source to you?

Video: The Heartland Institute’s Department of Education

The future, in denial
191Charles Johnson
2/28/12 1:16:39 pm
Another similarity: when you'd actually look up a creationist's quote or article citation, you'd invariably find that they had: 1) distorted or changed it, 2) taken it wildly out of context, or 3) totally made the whole thing up. The ...

Peter Gleick: The Origin of the Heartland Documents

Gleick admits he’s the source of the leaked Heartland documents
2/22/12 9:51:15 am
re: #64 Joe in Australia Basically there are 3 options. 1. If the document is authentic, somebody singled out Gleick - maybe because he is featured prominently in the document. 2. If the document is fake: 2a. this might have ...

Climate Change Denial Front Group Heartland Institute Sends Emails to Bloggers Threatening Legal Action

638Achilles Tang
2/20/12 12:17:07 pm
re: #596 SanFranciscoZionist One of their council has been quoted as saying he didn't care what happened to Iran, as long as Islam won. It's "Insha'Allah" with a bang. Whether they think they can bring it about deliberately is a ...

Denialgate: Heartland Institute Mistakenly Emailed Internal Documents

2/15/12 11:53:35 pm
I particularly like this bit I don't remember them or anyone who believes their garbage waiting for confirmation of authenticity when it came to the hacked climate science emails. Of course they already knew they were real since they'd stolen ...

MN Senate Climate Change Denier: Ordained by ‘Christian Motor Sports International’

Your facepalm of the day
6/17/11 9:11:57 am
I love how he was "ordained" by this fringe group, a process which evidently involves filling out a form and writing a check for 50 bucks. The sad thing is that there are an increasing number of these nuts involved ...