Joni Ernst Doesn’t Just Want to Castrate Hogs, She Wants to Destroy Health Care for the Poors

10/19/14 8:49:16 am
Joni Ernst scares me, and she is currently %2B2% above Braley in the RCP polls.

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Iowa Republican Joni Ernst is running for the Senate seat vacated by Democrat Tom Harkin, and she’s been campaigning on her history as a person who loves castrating hogs, often saying in her speeches that she plans to “make Obama squeal.” She’s super-classy. And she’s also a true far right …

Lindsey Graham: To Avoid 7.5% Cut in Military Budget, Let’s Kill Obamacare

Heartless bastards do it again
2/17/13 2:56:02 pm
Here's an idea: if Republicans simply allow the sequester to occur, the president has enormous discretion in where the cuts come from. And if I were he, closing Fort Jackson would be top of the list. It's time, with no ...

Wingnut Blogs Raving About Non-Existent ‘Obamaphones’ Again

Deliberate dishonesty
177Local Media Monitor
2/12/13 12:29:47 pm
Former San Diego mayor and current right wing hate-talk idiot Roger Hedgecock likes mentioning "Obamaphones" every chance he gets. For a review of Hedgecock and the campaign against him, see

Yes, the Father of a Murdered Newtown Child Was Heckled by Gun Nuts

Right wingers jump to defend loathsome behavior
1/30/13 7:26:54 pm
Back to the posted topic. A website that I peruse and post on (occasionally) is discussing this topic. One poster, a right-winger who just appeared after guns started being discussed, said that the father of one of the victims was ...