Trump Denies Telling Soldier’s Widow, ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For’ - Attacks Congresswoman Who Reported It

395John Hughes
10/19/17 3:26:05 am
re: #24 lawhawk Maybe he should ask his best buddy Emmanuel how it's done? Irma: l'électricité entièrement rétablie à Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélemy.

Donald Trump’s total lack of basic human empathy has gotten him in trouble again. Yesterday, after being shamed for not responding for more than a week to the news of four fallen soldiers in Niger, Trump finally decided to make a call to one of the widows — and reportedly …

Video: George Will Stands by His Column on Sexual Assault

Will: Women report rapes just to win “coveted” victimhood status
6/21/14 6:43:40 pm
re: #271 b_sharp I'll make you feel young. I remember the Berlin wall going UP. I remember hating it. I remember visiting Berlin and hating it more. Here you had a wall whose purpose was to make a whole part ...

Gohmert Repeatedly Shouts ‘Objection!’ to Silence Claims Food Stamp Cuts Hurt Hungry Families

Possibly the most evil man in a party full of evil men.
7/13/13 3:12:25 pm
All of the recent remarks and antics by Ryan, Gohmert, Stockman, et al. simply provide additional evidence that the Congressional GOP doesn't give a crap about socio-economically disadvantaged American families -- their standard m.o. continues to be to use anecdotal ...

OK Sen. Coburn Will Demand Cuts to Pay for Tornado Relief

Heartless far right bastard stays consistent
5/22/13 3:03:46 am
re: #3 Sol Berdinowitz The Cherokee were forced into OK by the white men from their homelands in what is now NC and the surrounding area. They don't have an ancestral claim to OK. Does the name "Trail of Tears" ...

Right Wing Group Will Punish Republicans Voting for Sandy Flood Aid

No good deed goes unpunished
147Sir John Barron
1/05/13 8:31:00 am
Well, I guess we just haven't reached bottom yet. Just when you think the GOPteabag party couldn't get any worse. And we haven't even seen their demands for a debt ceiling increase. Which of course was never a point of ...