GOP Rebranding: Senate Republicans Block Minimum Wage Legislation

These are very bad people
4/30/14 3:40:30 pm
re: #169 Kragar I think that's supposed to be 'to forsake" not "for the sake of" small but tangible difference //////
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And today in the Senate, the Republican Party demonstrated once again their great concern for the working people of America by filibustering another minimum wage hike.

The Insanity of the Republican Party: Another Bill to Destroy Health Care

Truly twisted
9/22/13 10:40:20 am
Here's the thing (and this is what differentiates these loons from the Newt-era loons)...These tea-partiers really DO want to shut-down the government. Hell, they'll be giddy as little girls if they manage, through their own stupidity, to bring the government ...
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