Donald Trump Is Raging at Hugh Hewitt’s “Gotcha Questions”

Hewitt inadvertently outs Trump as an ignoramus
310Saint Stephen
9/06/15 2:15:39 pm
Trump's opinions sound like my drunk uncle at a family gathering.

Donald Trump is probably the most thin-skinned person ever to run for President of the US, and today he’s seething with rage at… conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. Yep, really. If you listen to the excerpt from Hewitt’s show above, you’ll see why; Trump comes off as a …

Israel Tests ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Shield

1/11/10 6:53:12 pm
Just curious if anyone has comments on the rapidity with which Israel developed Iron Dome (or more specifically, its Tamir interceptor). Both Iron Dome and the larger David's Sling system (for use against longer range incoming rockets and missiles) use ...

Robert Spencer Lies Again

12/07/09 12:50:19 pm
re: #329 J.S. No the abortion issue was real, happened during the London by-election if I remember correctly when she did some sort of election thing with some religious group. She made some comments about abortion that came off really ...

Obama Campaign Met with Hamas and Hezbollah Supporters

10/11/08 10:52:00 am
It won't matter who BHO meets. As soon as he's sworn in AQ will launch a new wave of attacks; BHO will then spend the next 4 yrs either submitting to AQ's islamist agenda and forfeiting the support of the ...