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Clinton Name-Checks Republicans in New Video Defending Planned Parenthood

“A full-on assault on women’s health”
212Patricia Kayden
19 minutes ago
re: #159 Iwouldprefernotto You mean racist people will treat it as gospel. Racists are always looking for ways to justify racist acts. It sounds like BS to me.

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Breitbart “News” Bombshell Report on Loretta Lynch and Whitewater Is Totally Wrong

Another triumph of right wing journalism
394retired cynic
11/09/14 6:29:38 pm
re: #384 Vicious Piebola My elderly husband (a true liberal) clicked on some bait, and got on several lists like this. He got more and more upset, and I couldn't understand what he was upset about, and finally he was ...

Rand Paul in a Time Warp: Bill Clinton’s Infidelity Should Be a Campaign Issue

What kind of twisted mind thinks the way to attack Hillary Clinton is by bringing up Bill Clinton’s affair?
1/27/14 4:00:53 pm
Just a note: Monica was 22 when she met Bill. When she was subpoenaed, she was 23 or 24. The right wing always says 20, though they've all been corrected many times. Wonder why they might stick to a number ...
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Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Send-Up of 60 Minutes’ Benghazi Fail

When it turned out to be wrong they fact-checked it for reals, yo
11/13/13 5:34:10 am
re: #117 Dark_Falcon Just make sure you only use a cellphone to contact work, and then when they call, you can be anywhere in the country you need to be. "I'm sorry. I'm in California and by the time I ...
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Bryan Fischer’s Latest Lurid Fantasy: Hillary Clinton Could Be Our First Lesbian President

9/19/13 10:06:08 pm
re: #217 A Man for all Seasons I know you're in a rough place, there. While it's hard to let your nephew sweat it out in jail, you're making a good choice not to bail his ass out. I hate ...
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Glenn Beck suspects something sinister in the Teresa Heinz Kerry hospitalization

“You’ve so violated our trust, I don’t know what’s real anymore!!!”
7/09/13 11:16:41 am
If you're a Comcast subscriber, go take a look in their customer forums under the Channels and Programming section and check-out the 11-page Beck-fest from his fans pleading Comcast to start carrying Blaze. It's pretty sad and hilarious.
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