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Clinton Will Target Trump’s Embrace of the Racist ‘Alt-Right’ in Thursday Speech

And Trump will rage
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re: #136 CuriousLurker thank you! I am lurker in this forum and appreciate all the wit and wisdom you offer,

This is exactly how Hillary Clinton should be attacking Donald Trump — by pointing out the extremists he’s in bed with: Clinton to target Trump’s ‘alt-right’ embrace in Thursday speech. On the same theme, the Democratic Party has released an advertisement that uses actual headlines from Breitbart “News” to …

Right Wing Media and Blogs Push Misleading Photo as Evidence Hillary Clinton Is Sick

Deliberate dishonesty to hype a conspiracy theory
563Eric The Fruit Bat
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re: #486 The Vicious Babushka That should be "ex-pharmacy exec." Not only that, other medical conditions treated with certain drug classes will cause extrapyradimal results. This is just another case of PharmBro getting shellacked in the social media and whining ...
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