Video: Ken Burns on the Civil War: It Was About “Slavery, Slavery, Slavery”

The Confederacy was holding onto the idea that some humans should be able to own other humans
8/24/15 3:22:24 pm
re: #405 Backwoods_Sleuth NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE TO READ THINGS I DISAGREE WITH!!!!! Remember, women who complain about being stalked and harassed are oversensitive SJWs, but Christians can freak out over having to read that gay people are ...
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Filmmaker Ken Burns appeared on Face the Nation today, and had some words about the revisionist history of the Civil War constantly being pushed by the right wing. He pointed out that South Carolina’s articles of secession (the first state to secede) are all about “slavery, slavery, slavery.” And not …

GOP Clown Car Watch: The Jeb Bush Backflip: ‘I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq’

Knowing what he knows now, would Jeb know what he knows now?
5/15/15 12:09:41 pm
re: #401 BeenHereAwhile I forget the name of the station I listened to in Miami, but remember very well WGIV in Charlotte where I spent some of my teens. Genial Gene, Chattie Hattie and Rockin' Ray were all Black personalities ...
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Right Wing CO School Board Member: The US “Voluntarily Ended Slavery”

Right wing history
10/03/14 4:54:19 pm
It's true: my great-grandfather happily left his home and his new bride and son to join the Light Artillery, and participate in a lot of the worst battles in the West: Shiloh and Stones River and Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. ...

Chris Matthews Destroys Michele Bachmann’s Revisionist History

The power of ignorance
2/01/11 8:04:29 pm
I love it when one of those barely literate right wingers comes out with some ritualistic historical factoid slam about all dem slave owners , Klansmen, and Jim Crow supporters in the Democratic Party. The best way to reply is: ...
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