The Most Repulsive Right Wing Comment Yet About the Israel Controversy

12/28/16 6:57:51 pm
re: #286 makeitstop Yeah. I found out all about them. One of Leo Fender's sales guys made the deals to use up the parts. I can't remember the name right off.

Today we have a winner for the most vile, repulsive comment about the current controversy over Israel and the United Nations, from far right pundit/loon Kurt Schlichter. There’s something especially ugly about casually exploiting the Holocaust just to attack his political opponents, and to attack Jews who don’t agree …

Joe the Plumber Says Comment About 6M Jews Killed Between 1938 and 1945 in Germany Wasn’t About the Holocaust

Apparent campaign strategy: just keep on digging
100Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/26/12 5:50:50 am
re: #99 Buck I can't tell what the hell you're talking about. Race doesn't exist. Culture does. Oh? Who were you talking about? I figured you were talking about the majority of anti-semites in France. Did you want to talk ...

AR Republican Candidate Coleman: Stem Cell Research is Like Nazi Medical Experiments

2/16/10 2:07:24 pm
From Politico last year: But Dominionists Real Americans know that Reagan wasn't conservative enough. In fact, around 2000/1 I saw such a statement attributed to the transition team of The Most Brilliant Man Harriet Miers Ever Met.

Pope Admits Mistakes with Holocaust Denying ‘Bishop’

3/13/09 5:31:08 pm
Catholics and Jews must stand together in the face of Islamism [...] THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA, fresh from attacking Israel's war on Hamas, decided to "restore the balance" by stirring up feelings of anti-Catholicism. But the pathetic advisers to the pope, ...

Former Nazi Guard Charged 29,000 Times

3/12/09 7:39:41 pm
This is how decent, responsible Christians reply to such horrors in which their co-religioniosts had an undeniable hand: admission, remorse, regret, apology, repentence, atonement, and a resolve that the sin and error will never be repeated. I note that ...

Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must ‘Recant’

2/05/09 8:43:09 am
A point of understanding is required here. There are no unforgivable sins in the Roman Catholic Church. Yes there is excommunication, does that sound like an unforgivable sin? Yes; we must admit it looks as though the excommunicated committed an ...