Chuck C. Johnson Says He’s Advising the Trump Administration on Nominees - and He’s a Holocaust Denier

No way to spin this
371gocart mozart
1/27/17 4:01:50 pm
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Cyberstalker and harassment specialist Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) has been bragging lately about his connections to the Trump administration, even threatening on Facebook to use them to get even with Twitter for banning his Wesearchr scam site. It’s difficult to say how extensive those connections really …

Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow’s Grotesque Victim-Blaming: Jews “Surrendered” to the Holocaust

There’s a real sickness in the right wing
10/10/15 4:21:21 pm
re: #157 Bubblehead II As an old Dorothy Sayers fan, the first thing that sprang to mind was The Nine Tailors and the traditional death knell. Rather glad to hear it's just a nice ritual prayer.

One More Problem With That 1976 Holocaust Denial Edition of Reason

Namely, an ad for a neo-Nazi book.
7/27/14 3:41:43 pm
re: #16 Islamo-Masonic Conspirator You're making one huge assumption, that that the term image in that context means it's at all readily understandable by laymen. The MH17 shootdown was a spontaneous event, US satellites may well have been operating in ...

Bad Craziness at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty Website

338Land Shark
7/27/09 9:46:18 am
re: #330 matchngame The problem is that Ron Paul has attracted a large number of nutters and never repudiated them or tried to distance himself from then. I understand he even accepted money from groups with white supremacist tendencies and ...

Nick Griffin’s Holocaust Denial

6/12/09 9:45:29 am
mmm, this is more evidence of the theme that if the weenies in europe don't get serious about islamofascism, then irrational fascism and racism will come in to fill in the gap. Don't know if that is true or not, ...

Pope Admits Mistakes with Holocaust Denying ‘Bishop’

3/13/09 5:31:08 pm
Catholics and Jews must stand together in the face of Islamism [...] THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA, fresh from attacking Israel's war on Hamas, decided to "restore the balance" by stirring up feelings of anti-Catholicism. But the pathetic advisers to the pope, ...