IPT: Another ‘Mainstream’ Islamist Convention

7/10/09 10:45:39 am
re: #45 SasquatchOnSteroids '04 Reminiscing...SEN. KERRY:If you take half the people at an Ohio State football game on Saturday afternoon and they were to have voted the other way, you and I would be having a discussion today about my ...

Antisemitic conspiracies and hate speech were at the ISNA Convention — along with Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor for Public Engagement and International Affairs, Valerie Jarrett:

Holy Land Foundation, Round Two

9/21/08 7:32:24 pm
re: #162 Killian Bundy If I recall correctly, Stewart is still free on bail - most likely hobnobbing with terror fund raisers. I believe that as an officer of the Court she should have been given a much stiffer sentence. ...

Judges Denies Request for Delay in Holy Land Retrial

8/07/08 11:27:45 am
re: #33 Nevergiveup An LCDR? So was my uncle, in WWII. Commanded a landing ship, which was blown up in action, in the Pacific. He survived, but to this day, he won't talk about it. He became national president of ...