Russian Newspaper: Snowden Stayed at the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong

Russia was always the destination
210The Vicious Babushka
8/27/13 11:15:15 am
I wonder how many anarchists realize that Guy Fawkes, whose mask they have adopted as their symbol, was actually a Roman Catholic dominionist.

The Washington Post has more details today on that Russian newspaper article we noted last night; according to Kommersant, Edward Snowden did more than contact the Russian embassy when he was in Hong Kong — he actually lived there for several days: Snowden Stayed at Russian Consulate While in Hong …

Snowden Reveals More Secret Documents to Pro-Beijing Hong Kong Paper

Leaking like a sieve
6/23/13 4:55:12 am
re: #123 Weet Appreciate the context for I tend not to spend time reading short bites on twitter for this reason. Tweets get broadcast like a virus and context gets mutated. Perhaps "folks" should have been #readers or something like ...

LA Times Contradicts Guardian Story of Snowden’s “Four Laptops”

Yet another discrepancy
6/13/13 3:12:31 pm
re: #227 Charles Johnson Missed that, thanks. Bet they change that security issue. No need to sneakernet things these days. It breaks the chain of observation. I've got friends in Hawaii, time to check their job listings for network security. ...