Daily Beast Reports: Donald Trump’s Wild Drug-Fueled Underage Sex Parties

Trump didn’t approve of cigarettes
573The Major
10/25/16 6:14:40 pm
re: #506 Backwoods_Sleuth NBC caught Trump saying that some of Trump's employee's are on Obamacare.

The latest story about Donald Trump’s grotesque history of sexual assault and excess, by Michael Gross, may be the worst yet: Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models.

Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Stalls in Senate, as Gov. Bobby Jindal Cuts Off Medicaid Funding

Jindal the creationist decides to harm the women of Louisiana
8/04/15 1:05:11 am
Louisiana is only the 8th worst in teen pregnancies, with a rate 60% than the national average. Jindal is trying to make Louisiana #1 (in something).

Ted Cruz Mocks Joe Biden the Day Before Beau Biden’s Funeral

This is who they are
143Saint Stephen
6/04/15 2:07:45 pm
"Senator Ted Cruz," I say to faint laughter. "You know the nice thing? You don't need a punch line." Besides the obvious bad taste, why is he campaigning by making fun of the current VP, who in all probability will ...

Chuck Johnson’s Last Twitter Account, @GotNewsDotCom, Is Now Suspended Too

Gone for good
5/27/15 3:12:49 am
I'm joining in the celebrations late. I'm so happy that this fiend has been permanently banned by twitter. Hopefully his Facebook account and his web server are next. Its a shame that it's taken so long.

The Worst Human Being on Twitter Spews Racist Hate Speech at John Legend

Presented without comment
2/23/15 12:30:14 pm
re: #136 Justanotherhuman "western cos are raiding Africa and its people of too many of their natural resources and destroying others in the process." I'd think Chinese companies are part of the problem now, in addition to fueling the slaughter ...

Jim Hoft Repeats the Right Wing Lie of the Week: That Nurse Kaci Hickox Hid Her CDC Job

Horrible people doing horrible things to decent people
212Decatur Deb
10/28/14 3:09:25 pm
re: #211 ausador "Say Pierre, do me a favor m'kay? These paid hacks are really starting to piss me off. Just pay them to sit around and do nothing. They're lazy, they'll bite." "Sure thing Mr. President."

Your Horrible Right Wing Article of the Day: “Thank You, ISIS, for Beheading Americans”

Awful people marketing bigotry
10/09/14 5:36:50 pm
Why is it red diaper babies like Horowitz seem to always go hard right? You scarcely ever see somebody brought up by communists -- not a smear, just the facts -- who turns into a moderate, either right or left. ...

Jennifer Rubin Whitesplains: There Is No Racism, and Obama Is ‘Not a Good Person’ for Talking About It

This person writes for the Washington Post
7/23/13 7:22:39 pm
Using your logic, Ms. Rubin, I guess anti-Semitism effectively ended with the fall of the Third Reich and subsequent 1948 establishment of the independent state of Israel, and anyone who claims anti-Semitism is alive & well is not is a ...

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Pretends to Care About a Murdered Black Teenager

Horrible people writing horrible things
7/14/13 4:10:26 pm
Another example of conservative race-baiting. Right Wing bloggers are using this obvious fake video as an example of black youths hunting whites and out of control. mrconservative.com