Sunday Night Equestrian Jam: Christopher Paul Stelling, “Horse”

Wild horses
129Feline Fearless Leader
6/21/15 11:12:19 pm
re: #118 HappyWarrior Choices, choices. A Supreme Court decision (Cooper vs Pate), or strangling Dan Brown in his crib to save people's brain cells from his insipid and awful books.

Stand back, because these horses will not stop and they will not be denied. Also see: Horses, Horse Pictures, Horse Facts - National Geographic

Too Cute Not to Post: “Puppy Love”

A dog and his horse
1/30/14 6:44:45 pm
re: #353 Kragar Hey, Ms. Rios, since you "don't know what God's mind is on this" why not try entertaining the idea that maybe God is behind the "supernatural power to this president"? Oh, wait. That would mean that maybe, ...