Trump’s Record of Dishonesty Is Unprecedented - but Right Wing Site Hot Air Thinks It’s All Hillary’s Fault

What’s important to the conservative movement
9/26/16 5:54:30 pm
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In the past few days, several major newspapers and media websites published articles about Donald Trump’s absolutely stunning and horrifying record of dishonesty. (Finally.) A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump Scope of Trump’s falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate Trump’s week reveals bleak view, dubious statements in …

GOP “Rebranding” Watch: Some Republicans Support Gay Marriage, RW Base Goes Nuts

Way out of the mainstream
2/26/13 1:49:55 pm
To me, this is the interesting quote, because it doesn't come from any system of morality, it just comes from personal sexual attraction: This isn't an outlier, people believe that whatever they have visceral reactions against are EVIL (and God ...

‘Conservatives Can Kiss Off Hot Air Blog’

212Charles Johnson
2/24/10 12:19:04 pm
re: #210 m0rtaar And you're being really obtuse if you don't see that Hot Air has tacked really far to the right since the presidential election, and deliberately panders to the extremist elements. They only started to enforce their own ...

Hot Air Comments of the Day

12/10/09 3:28:18 pm
re: #650 Spare O'Lake Ok, but you don't even know me and you've probably never been to Gulfport, MS. What part is so hard to believe? I was being facetious and over-exaggerative about the diversity training and racism stuff in ...