Trump Tried to Prevent Sally Yates From Testifying to Congress About His Links to Russia

340The Major
3/28/17 6:13:32 pm
re: #286 gocart mozart In addition to using a VPN-use Tor and use DuckDuckGo as well.

In today’s episode of Trump’s Russia Problem, we learn that the Trump gang tried to intimidate former acting attorney general Sally Yates out of testifying to Congress by invoking “presidential communication privilege.” Yates was apparently planning to testify this week anyway, but then former Trump transition team member Rep. Devin …

Trump’s “Wiretap” Conspiracy Theory Is Now Repudiated by Both House and Senate Intelligence Committees

A scurrilous Trump lie collapses
3/16/17 1:00:24 pm
re: #50 Charles Johnson They are being used as a definition of America's downtrodden and it apparently plays to the people that voted for Trump. It works. It worked in Ohio as the southeastern parts of Ohio swung Ohio Trump's ...