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House Passes Budget Deal Despite Kamikaze Caucus Opposition

All 167 “no” votes were from crazed Republican teabaggers
10/29/15 1:02:07 am
My congresscritter is among the Kamikaze Caucus.
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I’m so old I remember when it was not even news that the House of Representatives passed a budget bill to keep the federal government funded. It was just what they were supposed to do. No big deal. But nowadays, when the Republican Party has gone full tilt batshit …

Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Claims Congressional Staffers Leaked Planned Parenthood Videos to Him

Inviting an investigation
10/19/15 8:50:05 pm
I really want to wipe that self-righteous smirk off of Chuck's face. But, as I would never advocate violence against someone I disagree with, I would wipe it off with a soft cloth and a gentle circular motion.
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House Republican Compares Debt Default to the American Revolution

Completely insane
10/13/13 7:30:42 am
re: #69 freetoken I'm agnostic, tending towards Theist/Deist. I find the idea of a God who could set the rules for the universe, and then step back and watch it play out, much more palatable than a bearded old man ...