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John Boehner Is Forced Out by the Far Right

Get ready for a new era of GOP bad craziness
86Charles Johnson
1 week ago
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In a move that’s been coming for a long time, the far right of the Republican Party has finally gone so bonkers that House Speaker John Boehner is going to resign instead of dealing with these crazies any more. So this probably averts a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood …

House Majority Whip Scalise Says He Didn’t Know He Was Speaking at a David Duke-Sponsored Event

This is me, not buying it for one microsecond
12/29/14 4:20:46 pm
He didn't know? Really? *guffaw* So then someone like, say, Steny Hoyer could have in the past attended an event organized by Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah and even watched/listened to a speech given by Nasrallah at said event, and then claim ...
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Rep. Peter King Suggests Obama Invite Darren Wilson to the White House

The wingnut idea of reconciliation
11/26/14 2:06:33 pm
"Fox Business News" has been trying to go full-speed Crazy Train right over the cliff as the shining beacon of right-wing rhetoric, even more so than rival CNBC which arguably kicked off the entire Tea Party movement with the illogical ...
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GOP Will Sue Obama for Not Imposing His Nightmare Socialist Scheme Quickly Enough

It’s facepalm time again
222Mike Lamb
7/10/14 10:29:54 pm
re: #195 lawhawk I suspect that they think winning the suit will force Obama to implement the law immediately, which, in turn, will cause the list of horribles to come to fruition. In other words, the upshot of the suit ...
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House Republican Compares Debt Default to the American Revolution

Completely insane
10/13/13 7:30:42 am
re: #69 freetoken I'm agnostic, tending towards Theist/Deist. I find the idea of a God who could set the rules for the universe, and then step back and watch it play out, much more palatable than a bearded old man ...

GOP Hostage Takers Release New Message

“This can all end” if you give us what we want
10/05/13 10:12:12 pm
I do not care if I have to tolerate my father's moping after being furloughed for months if it means that the GOP gets hammered in the next election. Let the GOP f*ckers burn. No slack for the GOP. No ...

Jon Stewart: If Obama Can Make a Deal With Iran but Not the GOP, Maybe He’s Not the Problem

The end of America as we know it, for reasons no one is able to clearly explain
249A Mom Anon
10/01/13 2:11:34 pm
re: #76 Kragar Thank you for saying that, I just heard about that this morning. Fuckers. Why is there no penalty for lying to the American people? Losing an election is not really enough IMO. On a happier note, it ...
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Republicans Are Beginning To Worry They Could Lose The House In 2014

Here are 5 reasons why they could melt faster than the ice in the Arctic
8/21/13 5:25:49 pm
re: #96 122 Year Old Obama My surprise, let me show you it. WTF. If the article is going to be down-dinged, at least make an argument against one or more of the points it makes. Passive-aggressively down dinging stuff ...
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