Republican Hypocrisy Inaction Watch

GOPers who had no problem demanding federal disaster assistance suddenly find fault with Sandy aid
155Patricia Kayden
1/06/13 6:32:58 pm
Actually I'm surprised that more Republicans didn't vote against this aid. Must be easy to vote against aiding a part of the country which never votes Republican (except a few local offices). Hope they never have to vote for aid ...

The Disingenuous Attack on Sandy Disaster Response

Rudy’s misguided attacks on the Obama Administration storm response
608Unshaken Defiance
11/05/12 5:35:04 pm
re: #288 erik_t Be as critical as ya want. But, given the close race we can easily speculate Huntsman would have beat the incumbent. After all it's not at all hard to think Huntsman could have gotten say 5% or ...

Video: Aerial View of NJ Coast After Hurricane Sandy

A look at a small part of the disaster
330Feline Fearless Leader
10/31/12 4:10:46 am
re: #278 HappyWarrior And if you've read this stuff and how the blood spilled in the American Civil War would be sopped up by a handkerchief you probably looked on the "We will be greeted as liberators" crap leading up ...

Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown: Obama Reacted to Hurricane Sandy Too Quickly

Irony meter pegged
10/31/12 4:35:18 am
Is their some recondite message contained within this most idiotic statement? Too quick to deal with a monster hurricane colliding with a cold front??? He clearly blabs out bullshit which doesn't originate in his cerebral cortex. A friend of mine ...

NJ Gov. Christie Praises Obama’s Response to Hurricane Sandy: “Outstanding”

But he’ll pay for this
10/30/12 9:19:00 pm
re: #23 Kragar Governor Christie must seem very puzzling to the people at Fox "News". A politician who's actually interested in governing? A politician who has something on his mind other than horse-race politics? That does not compute.