The GOP’s Invasive Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Idaho

Caveman laws popping up all over the nation
2/28/12 9:14:35 am
re: #281 Dark_Falcon I think I've found the problem with your political party DF, it's the base. The base that demands people be 100% pro life. Maybe you can dissolve the public and elect another in its place?

Idaho Republicans Trying to Pass Bill to Allow Employers to Deny Contraception Coverage

The Republican Party’s war on the 21st Century
134Bubblehead II
2/21/12 4:40:24 pm
Evening Lizards. Should have paged this when it first came up. But just couldn't believe it would have any legs. Please feel free to contact these people and let them know just how the real World out side of Idaho ...

Idaho Woman Arrested and Charged with ‘Unlawful Abortion’

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights gets truly ugly
613Etaoin Shrdlu
6/03/11 4:36:43 pm
re: #601 BongCrodny Coincidentally, someone has just packaged up a convenient distribution of the original Adventure in its original environment. — re: #245 Dark_Falcon Who was defrauded?