Did Hackers Really Break Into the Obamacare Website? No.

Don’t believe the misleading headlines
679Eventual Carrion
9/05/14 1:41:26 pm
re: #664 Skip Intro He socked him!
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Tonight’s screaming headline at Breitbart “News,” for an article by wingnut hack John Nolte: OBAMACARE: HEALTHCARE.GOV SITE SUCCESSFULLY HACKED IN JULY. As usual, they pick a photo (probably unlicensed) that shows Obama smiling, because that never fails to enrage the knuckle-draggers. Whoa, that sounds pretty terrible! They hacked the public …

Glenn Beck Attacks Bill Nye for Opposing the Teaching of Creationism to Kids

If you don’t support keeping children ignorant, you’re just like the people who imprisoned Galileo
47Skip Intro
1/22/14 6:08:10 pm
re: #29 Eclectic Cyborg The difference between a conservative and a conservative extremist is that the former is a RINO (or CINO, I guess).
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The GOP Is Insane: 3 Out of 4 Texas Lt. Gov. Candidates Are Proud Creationists

And they want to force their Dark Ages beliefs on everyone’s children
12/15/13 11:29:12 am
They want to teach religion in schools? OK. Monday they can teach Judaism. Tuesday Sikhism. Wednesday Hinduism. Thursday Christianity. And Friday... Islam. There. Now you're teaching religion in school. That's just the first semester, though. Got plenty more where that ...

Pat Robertson: Simple Africans More Likely to Experience Miracles Than Over-Educated Americans

We’re missing out by not being ignorant
4/03/13 7:06:19 am
re: #143 Targetpractice Remember kids: Half of Americans are of below average intelligence, mathematically. / Zero empathy, sympathy, or ability to understand other points of view until their noses are rubbed into one forcefully.
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Texas Education Board Chair Wants Schools to Teach “Another Side” to Evolution

Republicans never stop trying to sneak creationism into schools via deception
2/08/13 7:34:22 am
re: #7 Kragar Hear!Hear! Kragar! I love being an Atheist!..I have a personal relationship with Factual Reality!. I have yet to this day ever lose a debate with creationists/young earthers and the people who think and defend the Flintstones being ...
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Gallup Poll: 58% of Republicans Are Young Earth Creationists

Not getting better
6/05/12 2:39:37 am
On a positive note, whereas the percentage of people who believe in creationism has increased only 2% since 1982, the percentage of those who believe in evolution has increased 6% since then. It's only the (arguably wishy-washy) God-aided evolution position ...
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Ann Coulter: Creationist

Populist ignorance for the teabag generation
9/04/11 10:09:20 pm
"Intelligent Design scientist" is an oxymoron, much as is "Ann Coulter, rational thinker". Evolution is a verifiable fact. It is the mechanism through which it occurs -- natural selection -- that comprises the theory. People who do not understand how ...
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Pamela Geller: Obama’s Treaties ‘Supercede the Constitution’

181(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
8/26/10 3:56:03 am
re: #82 RogueOne You are falling for Beck's co-opting of the Abolition and Civil Rights movements. Lincoln did not say anything close to what Beck was saying and Beck was not "paraphrasing" Lincoln, either. MediaMatters, however, did merely quote Beck. ...