Former Congressman Joe Walsh: Let’s Hope Islamists Behead Cowards at CNN and MSNBC

388Jocko's Rocket Ship
1/14/15 8:44:43 pm
re: #318 Rev_Arthur_Icantbreatheing Cutler will be kept next year because they have no other options, and have to eat his cap if they cut him. Maybe Fox/new regime can rehabilitate his standing to be tradeable for a return. if not, ...

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh (also known as a deadbeat dad) took to the Twitters today to call for Islamists to murder journalists. Yes, really. The right wing just keeps getting more and more debased. This is why people like Chuck C. Johnson are popular — the right has a …

GOP Sen. Mark Kirk Comes Out in Support of Marriage Equality

Color me skeptical
4/02/13 5:40:54 pm
re: #73 Eventual Carrion That's what pisses me off about Carson, Cain, West, and other black conservatives. I'm black and they're black, we're in the same age grouping, and it offends me that they pretend that they've always been acceptable ...

Illinois GOP Candidates for Gov. and Lt. Gov. - Both Creationists

218Eclectic Cyborg
10/26/10 5:59:17 pm
I have no problem with a Christian politician, but when said politician starts creating and passing legislation solely on the basis of that faith, it crosses a line, in fact it violates the Constitution.

GOP Creationist Candidates in Illinois Pushing the New Talking Point

10/25/10 12:00:47 pm
Gee, I wonder if these Christian nutcases would be in favor of allowing some local school to teach the Koran in science classes, if the local school decided they wanted to do that, and did not want interference from the ...