LOL of the Day: Donald Trump’s Official Library of Congress Inauguration Print Contains a Misspelled Word

Smell the essence
2/13/17 4:58:10 am
re: #198 jaunte Rather, anything Trump related is best read in the brilliant Ted Knight's "Judge Smails" voice I would think.

The Library of Congress Shop is offering an official 8x10 Donald Trump Inauguration Print for only $16.95. Here’s how they describe it: And I can’t disagree that it captures the Trump essence — because the first sentence of the Trump quote on the print contains a misspelled word. And …

Trump Pressured Park Service Director to Back Up His Lies About Inauguration Crowd

So crazy
1/26/17 8:39:17 pm
Was scrolling through here and reading comments about how Trump knows things will never get done. Was also reading what some of the legal challenges are about to be to his executive orders, memos, toilet paper, etc. No, he has ...

Bad Lip Reading Makes Something Funny That Really Wasn’t: “Inauguration Day”

You think I won’t fling three eggs at you?
203Hecuba's daughter
1/25/17 7:42:50 pm
re: #132 HappyWarrior After the Democratic convention, my sister said to me that if Bernie were 10 years younger he would have gotten the nomination -- and I think she would have supported him.

Full Video: Obama’s Second Inaugural Speech Draws a Line on Climate Change

“We will respond to the threat of climate change”
1/22/13 1:20:27 pm
re: #283 Vicious Babushka Hmm, this comment on that link looks more likely to me: It seems like a perfectly jolly conversation to me - no indication Boehner was being his usual (un)professional self...

Pamela Geller More Incoherent Than Usual: “Hitlerian Press: Obama’s ‘The Second Coming’”

“Goosestepping Obama Tina Brown”
1/20/13 5:08:16 pm
re: #135 Mad Prophet Ludwig Why would anyone who's bought into the same kind of worldview question something that they actually agree upon. They wont see just how nutty she is.