Breitbart “News” Hack John Nolte Suddenly Announces He Resigned Two Months Ago

One of the creepiest writers for Breitbart bailed out a while back
5/16/16 7:19:25 pm
re: #298 Dr. Matt Nah, it was just in Obi-Wan Kenobi mode...
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For years he’s been one of the most unhinged writers at Breitbart “News,” but today we learn the reason why John Nolte’s byline hasn’t appeared at the site for two months: Scanning through his Twitter timeline, it’s apparent that he left over Breitbart’s shabby treatment of Michelle Fields; he’s …

Video: Donald Trump Openly Calls for More Violence Against Protesters at His Rallies

Explicitly inciting his followers to attack protesters
195Big Beautiful Door
3/11/16 12:15:20 pm
re: #166 No Depression Hillary may not be perfected, but she is smart, she works hard, she is extremely well prepared, and she is on the right side of the issues. No other candidate in the race is remotely as ...
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Video: Trump Supporter Sucker Punches Protester, Says “Next Time We Might Have to Kill Him”

Trump rallies now openly violent
3/10/16 7:41:22 pm
re: #39 klys (maker of Silmarils) reddit is a dumpster fire started by freepers and 4channers these days, at least half the bernie fans are faking it they dont even bother to hide their post histories of racism/sexism/bigotry and preaching ...
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UPDATE: New Video of Photographer Choked and Body-Slammed at Trump Rally

Choked out
3/01/16 2:37:35 am
re: #223 Tricho Hi Tricho, your post sounds like a lot of well meaning people. Your tone is often applied to discussions about whether police actions or killings are excessive or not. "The perpetrator was rude!" Or, "The suspect was ...
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Credit: Avi Selk/TDMN

Heavily Armed Right Wing Militia Group Publishes List of Muslims’ Home Addresses

11/25/15 6:15:02 pm
re: #124 jaunte The beginning of Battle Cry of Freedom talks about how inland development was basically non-existent after the country was founded until roads were built by private companies, states, and the federal government. Until they were built (and ...
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