Trump Adviser and Delegate Calls for Hillary Clinton to Be “Shot for Treason”

Incitement to violence
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re: #192 Sir John Barron I'm getting a feeling they are convinced that would never happen.

And now, a “veteran’s outreach” adviser to Donald Trump and delegate to the GOP convention, Al Baldasaro, has publicly called for Hillary Clinton to be “shot for treason.” Here’s the audio, via Andrew Kaczynski at Buzzfeed: The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak contacted Baldasaro, and he proceeded to double down: …

Video: Donald Trump Openly Calls for More Violence Against Protesters at His Rallies

Explicitly inciting his followers to attack protesters
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3/11/16 12:15:20 pm
re: #166 No Depression Hillary may not be perfected, but she is smart, she works hard, she is extremely well prepared, and she is on the right side of the issues. No other candidate in the race is remotely as ...
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Video: Trump Supporter Sucker Punches Protester, Says “Next Time We Might Have to Kill Him”

Trump rallies now openly violent
3/10/16 7:41:22 pm
re: #39 klys (maker of Silmarils) reddit is a dumpster fire started by freepers and 4channers these days, at least half the bernie fans are faking it they dont even bother to hide their post histories of racism/sexism/bigotry and preaching ...
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UPDATE: New Video of Photographer Choked and Body-Slammed at Trump Rally

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3/01/16 2:37:35 am
re: #223 Tricho Hi Tricho, your post sounds like a lot of well meaning people. Your tone is often applied to discussions about whether police actions or killings are excessive or not. "The perpetrator was rude!" Or, "The suspect was ...
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