Breitbart “News” Race-Baiting Fails Again: Man Vandalized His Own Truck With Anti-Cop Messages

2 weeks, 1 day ago
re: #297 Lidane Because, to RWNJs, the only diplomacy that counts is gunboat diplomacy, right? SMDH
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Last week the Texas cell of Breitbart “News” published one of their typical nasty race-baiting articles about a West Texas man who claimed his truck had been vandalized with anti-police messages: Disabled Vet’s Truck With Pro-Cop Message Vandalized: ‘Black Lives Matter’. In the usual Breitbart fashion, Lana Shadwick (who’s described …

Fox News Go-To Baptist Preacher Says SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision Is a Sign of the End Times

Seriously deranged
7/05/15 12:01:25 pm
It is the end of time, for looney-tunes like Robert Jeffress. Marriage Equality is a civil marriage and as some churches like the U.S. Presbyterian and the Episcopal churches are performing same-gender marriages, it is also a religious marriage, and ...
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Armed Biker Gang Plans Open-Carry “Draw Mohammed” Contest Outside Phoenix Mosque

Inspired by Pamela Geller to reach new heights of bigotry and hatred
5/29/15 3:45:04 am
This whole thing has the potential to turn into the most gigantic clusterf*** ever to be seen in Phoenix in a long time - Angry, Racist, Armed, Idiot Biker gangsters who are going to try and rush and get in ...
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The James O’Keefe Scandal Gets Worse: Ex-Staffer Says He Crossed a Line With Vile ‘Kill Cops’ Stunt

Right wing undercover incitement
3/21/15 4:35:53 pm
re: #145 Dark_Falcon I'd say you struck out swinging, with all the empty force of Casey at the Bat. You're still wedded to trickle down economics as an example of economic literacy. Indeed, it's still the linchpin of the gop's ...
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American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: Atoning for Abortion Will Mean “American Blood in the Streets”

Bad craziness
331Saint Stephen
3/20/15 9:06:00 pm
Bryan Fischer is just giving us his version of what all right wingers feed their audience: drama and apocalyptic, extreme visions. After all, if they tried to use facts and logic, no Republicans would ever win an election again.
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CNN’s Brian Stelter Rips Fox News for Hyping Jim Hoft’s “Fractured Eye Socket” Hoax

Jim Hoft’s ugly dishonesty makes it to Fox News — again
8/24/14 9:40:14 pm
re: #83 CuriousLurker Barrel bombs are today's version of "Bomber" Harris' attacks on civilian populations in Germany, and of Curtis LeMay's incendiary attacks on Japan's cities. The "laws of war" don't flatly forbid them, but that sort of thing made ...
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History Channel’s Incredibly Obama-Like Satan

Coincidence? We don’t think so.
3/20/13 9:42:09 pm
re: #532 Glenn Beck's Grand Unifying Theory of Obdicut The point of the exercise is that instead of the wars of the Diadochi that distracted the Hellenistic world after Alexander's death, allowing Alexander to live would have allowed per Tonybee ...
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At Geller-Spencer’s CPAC Panel, Anti-Muslim Activist Says He’s Proud of Attacks on Mosques

“It’s usually in the South, I’m proud to say”
90Major Tom
2/11/12 9:51:58 am
Kudos Charles. To paraphrase FDR, I hope you are judged by the enemies you have made. They sure make it easy to feel like you're on the side of good. These people are caricatures of bigotry.
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Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder

AFDI founding member advocates murdering politicians, journalists, Muslims, and liberals
9/29/11 11:06:17 pm
re: #118 Amory Blaine Definitely the latter. Some of these cons are so fundamentally dishonest, they will try and convince you even a couple weeks later they said the opposite of what they actually did. Can't be trusted, any farther ...
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