Reports: Trump Says Kelly Is “100% Safe.” Translation: He’s Doomed.

464De Kolta Chair
3/16/18 8:11:26 pm
If you strike down Andy McCabe's pension he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. — J. Elvis Weinstein (@JElvisWeinstein) March 17, 2018

I hope John Kelly isn’t keeping a lot of personal belongings in his White House office, because he just got the Trump Kiss of Death. Only question is whether he’s gone by the end of the day, or over the weekend. Trump has to make room for all the Fox …

White House Meltdown Watch: Unbelievably Lax Security Clearance Handling

More staffers who should never have been able to see classified material are fired
3/08/18 9:17:47 am
re: #201 Barefoot Grin My local Sinclair outlet is turning into a cesspool. Any number of hateful, moronic right wing "news" shows are appearing.