Sarah Palin on Why McCain-Palin Lost in 2008: ‘I Wasn’t at the Top of the Ticket’

Palin would’ve won there, you betcha
3/20/11 3:16:01 pm
re: #9 elizajane Well, yes, but Bush was a much bigger reason because he'd actually served as president for eight years. (I almost typed twelve years, but it just FELT like twelve years.) For Palin to cause the amount of ...

In India, Obama Announces Deals for $10B in Export, 50K American Jobs

135Joe Katzman
11/07/10 7:21:17 pm
First, everyone say a big, big thank you to Robert Blackwill. He's the poet and ambassador that spearheaded the remarkable turnaround in India-US relations under George W. Bush. Not enough people mention him - but he's way more important to ...