IndyStar Confirms: Gov. Mike Pence Is Trump’s VP Pick

A hardline anti-science social conservative
545The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
7/14/16 6:35:03 pm
re: #544 gocart mozart Which is nice.

The Indianapolis Star reports they have confirmed that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s VP pick. Pence is well known as a very hardline social conservative, and built his base among the neocon crowd by being a strong supporter of the invasion of Iraq. Donald Trump has been …

Credit: Gage Skidmore

So Long, Ted Cruz. It’s Been Real.

Stick a fork in him, he’s done
5/03/16 9:14:18 pm
re: #469 gwangung "Anybody who had a black friend or had two brain cells to rub together knew that having Cornel West as a spokesman would kill your outreach to the black community." EXACTLY. When a politician chooses campaign surrogates, ...

Does MSNBC Know It’s Giving a Platform to an Anti-Gay Hate Group?

CARLOS MAZA — Media Matters for America
4/02/15 11:36:37 am
re: #10 Lidane I stopped at a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike while driving to Philly on Saturday, and they had CNN on. I'm so glad I don't watch any of them any more. What I saw was like ...

Stephen King: Indiana’s RFRA Is “A Dog Turd”

3/31/15 9:15:01 pm
re: #352 Charles Johnson GotNwes has the real troot about dis stroy. Reports were delayed because GotNwes has a day job. BREAKING (from 2014): Text messages about text messages about someone saying Allen West emailed someone proves he's guilty

Indiana Anti-Gay Activist Opposes Mike Pence’s Plan to “Clarify” the RFRA

The anti-gay base keeps giving away the game
3/31/15 5:07:36 am
re: #172 Justanotherhuman "My words were wrong. My tone was wrong. My choice of scripture was wrong. Everything I did about that report was wrong,..." He is trying the old GOTP meme. He did NOT apologize for what he said. ...

Indiana GOP Shocked - SHOCKED - People Think ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Is Anti-Gay

212Jay C
3/30/15 4:08:15 pm
re: #209 ObserverArt This sounds to me more like a replay of a story I read about in a dKos diary: a Republican Congresswoman from Washington set up her website to collate "Obamacare horror stories": and instead, was deluged by ...

Indiana Planned Parenthood Clinics Forced to Turn Away Medicaid Patients

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights
6/24/11 7:46:08 am
I've said it before...The conservative plan is to get as much of their reactionary, backward agenda pushed-through as fast as they can. They know doing so much damage will probably hurt them in the election. However, they also know it's ...

Obama Administration Rejects Indiana’s Ban on Medicaid at Planned Parenthood

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights suffers a setback
6/01/11 6:20:10 pm
re: #76 talon_262 Every so often there are pictures of him, though not as many as the other kids. Makes sense, since he's so little. I'm actually a big fan of his.