Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Indicted

386Joe Bacon 🌹
10/30/17 11:21:54 am
re: #382 Hecuba's daughter No.

It was reported months ago that this indictment was imminent, and today it became a reality. Paul Manafort is charged with laundering millions of dollars paid to him by pro-Russia Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych, among others. This is who Donald Trump hired to “Make America Great Again.” Trump’s relationship with …

Fact Check: Planned Parenthood Board Member Was NOT Involved in David Daleiden Indictment

Right wing media are circulating another Big Lie
1/26/16 6:17:36 pm
re: #4 Tigger2 Looks like shit is going way South now. Pete Santilli was on the phone with someone named Blane at the refuge, who's apparently in charge. Pete wanted to get the women and children out of there but ...

The Federalist Blames Daleiden Indictment on Prosecutor Who Had No Connection to Grand Jury

Spreading fake news daily
1/26/16 2:32:37 pm
The moderate and realistic wing of the Democratic party stopped listening to the fringe left after losing the '88 election. For some reason the fringe is back thinking Bernie is going to bring about a left wet dream of nationalizing ...