Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Candidates Agree: More Religion Needed in Science Class

1/28/14 3:49:07 pm
The thing I can't figure out is whether they understand that there are people who are not Christian in public school, or simply don't care. I think its the latter, but they speak like its the former.

Submitted without comment other than to notice how several of the candidates refer to evolution in schools as being part of a “politically correct” conspiracy. Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Candidates Agree: More Religion Needed in Science Class Related: Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism. Thousands of …

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): Not Teaching Creationism Is ‘Censorship’

Bachmann joins the anti-science chorus
12/01/11 12:11:21 pm
Maybe I'm a little thick, but I thought the purpose of teaching science to children was to familiarize them with the scientific method, and the development of scientific thought, so they could perform experiments, understand how geology, medicine, chemistry, physics, ...

Santorum Calls For Public Schools To Teach Creationism

The Republican Party’s endless war on reality
295Birth Control Works
11/30/11 8:41:30 pm
re: #294 ProLifeLiberal Well, who knows how he's been punished privately, or inwardly. A public spectacle may never happen, but we don't know that he hasn't also suffered in some way as a result.

Louisiana Education Board Considers Sneaking Creationism Into Schools

1/05/10 6:18:24 pm
re: #76 WindUpBird You're lucky, considering the free things Cthulhu might think were fun! (If you haven't already, type "Boss cthulhu" into a google image search & check out the funny wallpaper that comes up...)

‘Irreducible Complexity’ Shot Down in Flames

8/29/09 9:23:30 am
continued As far as the ten meter scenario not being out of the realm of possibility, neither is it out of the realm of logical possibility that the San Andreas Fault will split and send western California into the sea, ...

Creationists Given Academic Credit for Trolling

8/11/09 7:32:33 pm
re: #889 Cato the Elder Fail. This example here is the no true Scotsman argument in reverse. The journalist KT cited had this argument. They behaved like idiots, so they must be Republicans. I said "How do you know which ...

Texas Creationism Follies, the Sequel

7/10/09 2:02:28 pm
re: #985 harpsicon What hard evidence? The historical evidence is that the vast majority people who have not themselves received the prerequisite education necessary to prosper in life have not been able to afford to pay for such education for ...

Scientific American Top 10 Honors ‘Darwin’s Golden Retriever’

5/23/09 9:19:56 pm
re: #92 jcm JCM, They were probably talking about transformers. I have heard laptop power supplies and cell phone chargers called "vampires" because they suck juice from the wall even when you are not using them. I am working on ...

Paulians Shout Down Lindsey Graham in SC, Sanford Co-Signs

5/20/09 12:49:50 pm
re: #773 Hawk If you're concerned with how live began, then yes, you must discuss it. However the notion that you have to discuss it even if all you're concerned with is how life has changed over history, then no, ...