And Now for Something Spectacular: “Jeff’s Earth” (4K NASA Video)

1/04/17 2:03:16 pm
I went to YouTube just to read the flat-Earther comments. Because I still had some lingering faith in humanity that needed to die. Mission accomplished.

Here’s a powerfully moving super high resolution video shot from the International Space Station by astronaut Jeff Williams, to take us away from the nastiness for a few minutes. I highly recommend setting the resolution to 1440p and watching this full screen with all the lights turned off. …

Overnight Video: Earthereal

NASA high resolution images from the International Space Station
172Feline Fearless Leader
4/28/12 10:26:18 am
re: #170 ggt Hmm, there's no loon in the basic graphics library. And it's not a traditional heraldic bird, though I'm sure it's used for some up in Canada. Punning in coat-of-arms has historical precedence in any case. A family ...

Video: Cruise Around the Earth in the International Space Station

Time lapse, 220 miles up
9/23/11 9:26:27 am
I saw this earlier in the week and thought it was one of the coolest views ever. Another interesting set of photos were the shots of the UARS satellite taken by Thierry Legault from his 14-inch telescope in France. ...