BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: GotNewsDotCom’s Coercion Business Model

Aided and abetted by Twitter
142Jay C
5/23/15 1:44:49 pm
re: #130 stpaulbear Jeez, the butthurt is right off the end of the painscale with these people! In addition to bad math skills (no, dude: 734,000 does NOT come out to "millions"!), Bryan Brown also farts out that same-old whine ...
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More at In a 24-hour period. Chuck Johnson went after a Columbia university student, actor/comedian John Fugelsang, a government official, and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee — all on Twitter and/or his website — threatening to reveal information about them. In some cases, the tweets revealed Johnson’s accusations. …

CBS News: Multiple Breaches of Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer

Entire wingnut blogosphere assumes it had to be Obama
226unproven innocence
6/14/13 6:45:11 pm
re: #224 Eventual Carrion That's sound policy favoring peace, trade and cultural exchange, near and far, however heavy-handed the enforcement may have been. Too bad about the US citizen vs foreigner crap at the center of the NSA spying scandal. ...
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Yeah, that one; the one that’s part of the plot to send right-wingers to a #TwitterGulag
117Talking Point Detective
5/01/12 11:34:07 am
re: #112 May Day! May Day! Damning with faint praise or unintentionally ironic? As I recall, at least some of the most well-known intel after 2001 was infamously unreliable. A fairly interesting take here on the left-wing praise of Obama ...
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